CARES phone number: 610 494-0147 ext. 6
CARES email:

Extension 6 is staffed days, Monday through Friday during CARES hours:
BeforeCare: 7:00 am – 7:25 am
AfterCare: 2:30 pm – 5:25 pm

During regular school hours, dial extension 3 to discuss CARES matters.


NOTICE OF CHANGE for 2017-18 BeforeCare RATES
Changes have been made to our CARES program concerning rates for service for the BeforeCare program. See the BeforeCare Web Link above for complete details


Holy Family Regional Catholic School is pleased to offer extended services for our students before and after regular school hours. Aware of the needs and pressures of work and family, Holy Family RCS’s C.A.R.E.S. Program provides children with a Catholic environment extending the philosophy and values of Holy Family Regional Catholic School into before and after school hours. CARES is open to all students enrolled at Holy Family RCS. The program offers a balance between adult-directed and child-initiated activities, active and quiet times, and time for homework (after school). CARES services are fee-based and separate from school tuition payments. In addition to scheduled CARES service charges, there is a $15.00 per family registration fee. This one, annual administrative fee allows for the use of both CARES programs – BeforeCare and AfterCare. See the BeforeCare and AfterCare links above for complete program details and daily rates for the use of these services.

Important: Parents and guardians are required to review all information presented on the web links for BeforeCare and AfterCare services of the CARES program. A 2017-2018 CARES Pre-Enrollment Form must be completely filled out and signed. Submission of a signed Pre-Enrollment form acknowledges that parents and guardians:

1) Have reviewed and accept all of the terms and conditions provided on the website concerning Holy Family Regional Catholic School’s CARES Program for both BeforeCare and AfterCare including (but not limited to): all outlined rules and regulations; pre-scheduling requirements for either CARES program; timely payment of fees for services; late pick-up policy/charges; and drop-off and pick-up procedures.

2) Reviewed and agreed to abide by all aspects of Holy Family Regional Catholic School’s Handbook.

3) Understand that CARES is an extra service offered to families. CARES services may not be guaranteed for all students under all circumstances. Suspension of CARES services may result from violations of school or CARES codes of conduct or for not meeting terms of payment.

2017-18 CARES Opening and Closing Dates

Opening and closing dates vary according to grade level. Please note your child’s correct CARES starting and ending dates. On days with delayed school openings such as with inclement weather, there is no Before School CARES. On early dismissal days such as pre-scheduled 1/2 days or, due to a weather- related early closure, there is no After School CARES. No CARES services are provided when school is cancelled or on scheduled holiday closures. BeforeCare may be closed on days when no students have been prescheduled to attend. Dates below are subject to change as needed.

  • All grades Before & AfterCare begins – Monday, Sept. 11th

  • Pre-K last day of Before & AfterCare – Wednesday, June 6th – account balances due.

  • Kindergarten last day of Before & AfterCare – Thursday, June 7th – account balances due.

  • Grades 1-8 last day of Before & AfterCare – Friday, June 8th – account balances due.