Wacom Draw Tablets

A new addition to our technology equipment is our graphic design Wacom Intous Draw  tablets. Students learn how to use a pen tablet to draw, sketch, paint, and edit with natural feel and movement. Students can “sketch and paint to their heart’s content. It’s like having an entire store of art supplies at their fingertips.”

Technology Education

  • Official Google School utilizing Google collaborative tools - 1:1 Chromebooks Grades 5th – 8th
  • Apple iPad for education - 1:1 iPad Grades 1st – 4th
  • SmartBoard Interactive technology in every classroom
  • Weekly Computer Skills classes for Grades Pre3 to 4 provide basic operating methods, keyboard recognition, word processing skills, beginners print media skills, internet research methods.
  • Weekly Computer Science classes for Grades 5 – 8 provide beginning concepts in graphic design techniques (GIMP) ,  computer aided design 3D modeling (Sketchup), computer coding methods (Scratch & code.org) video game design (Scratch & Kodu Game Lab), audio editing (Audacity& iMovie), video editing (iMovie & Windows Movie Maker), binary concepts, computer hardware hands on repairs.

Technology Resources

  • 125 iPads for each individual student in Grades 1 – 4
  • iPad cart available for classroom use in Grades 5 – 8
  • Chromebooks for each individual student in Grades 4 – 8
  • Technology center with student PC desktop computers
  • Lab Pack Wacom Intous Draw Blue design tablets
  • Google Apps for Education School- collaborative student email, calendar and documents for study anytime, anywhere
  • SMART Board interactive technology in every classroom
  • OptionC online grading system allowing parents 24/7  access to student grades and more