Curriculum & Rubrics

Archdiocese Curriculum Guidelines:

Curriculum Rubrics

Effort – Study Skillls 1-3
Effort Study Skills  4-8
Handwriting  1-3
Handwriting  4-8
Listening & Speaking 1-3
Listening & Speaking 4-8
Math Performance 1-3
Personal & Social Growth 1-8
Physical Education


Holy Family Regional Catholic School is a Middle States accredited elementary school in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Middle States Associations of Colleges and Schools

High School Scholarships

Holy Family students consistently score well above national and state norms on standardized tests.

Full and partial scholarships are awarded to Holy Family students to the following Archdiocesan and private high schools: Cardinal O’Hara High School, Salesianum School, Padua Academy, Archmere Academy, Malvern Preparatory School, Devon Preparatory School

Honors Math Program

The   Honors Math program is not a separate curriculum other than that which is used for Mathematics instruction in the Archdiocesan elementary school.

The plan of the program is to provide for a progression of skills at an   accelerated pace. The program begins at Grade 5 to insure that the students have had a sufficient amount of time to master the skills necessary to complete the Algebra 1 course in the eighth grade.


  1. Consistent scores of 90 or above in Math Composite score on Standardized Testing.
  2. Cognitive skills Index falling in the range of 125 in the Terra Nova Test.
  3. Consistent scores of 80 or above in the Reading Comprehension test of the Standardized Testing.
  4. Evidence of above average performances on Mathematics Level Mastery Tests (Diocesan Level Testing). Above average performance is interpreted as a score of 85 or above.
  5. Consistent grades of 90 or above in Mathematics on the report card.

This criteria is not arbitrary. Students not meeting these criteria are not admitted to the program without approval by the Archdiocesan Elementary Math Committee.