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  • Phillie Phanatic at Holy Family

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Mission Statement and Philosophy

“Holy Family Regional Catholic School, in pursuit of academic excellence within the context of a living faith community, provides a rigorous and comprehensive academic program, which will help our students to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century, while empowering them to act justly and enabling them to make a positive impact on the global community.”

6th Annual Walk-a-Thon – Spirit Stroll


On Friday, April 27, 2018, Holy Family RCS held it’s 6th annual Walk-a-Thon, the Spirit Stroll. As a result of our STEM initiative, we have incorporated the use of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics and Makerbot Replicator + 3D printers into the middle school curriculum.  Any monies raised will go towards expanding our robotics program as well as making some much needed capital improvements to our buildingPlease help our school by sponsoring one of our students.

2018 – 2019 Registration 

Now registering for the 2018-1019 school year. Please call the school office for information 610.494.0147.

New for 2018-2019 – Bishop’s Tuition Transfer Grant Program

Transferring your child to Holy Family Regional Catholic School from a non-Catholic school? Holy Family is pleased to announce our participation in the Bishop’s Tuition Transfer Grant program sponsored by the Connelly Foundation and the Foundation for Catholic Education.

New, eligible applicants from non-Catholic schools entering grades 2-7 will receive a $1,500 tuition grant upon admission. Students who maintain attendance will get $1,000 off their first year, and $500 off their second year of tuition.

To be considered for this award, parents must complete and submit the FACTS financial aid application by March 15, 2018.

To apply, please CLICK HERE.

Any questions, please contact admissions@holyfamilyaston.org or call Holy Family at 610-494-0147

Holy Family’s First Annual Winter Ball

Holy Family’s Inaugural Winter Ball was quite a success!  On December 2, 2017 over 270 people gathered in Degnan Hall to celebrate Holy Family and its community.  There were auction items, delicious food, and a deejay.  A great time was had by all!  Save the date for next year’s ball: December 1, 2018!


Full STEAM Ahead – Holy Family’s Continuing STEM Initiative

Holy Family’s STEM initiative continues to evolve with trimester grade level STEM projects. The STEM initiative introduces the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through real world problem solving. Read more about HF’s STEM Initiative.

2nd Grade Turkey Shelter

The 2nd grade class worked on a Thanksgiving themed STEM lesson. After the students listened to the story, A Turkey for Thanksgiving, they had to construct a shelter that would keep their turkey completely hidden and safe during Thanksgiving.

8th Grade Cement 

As part of the 8th grade unit on Chemical Reactions, students mixed water, cement, sand, and gravel according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and tested it’s strength. Next  students changed the mix using their own ideas. Finally, they tested the strength of the student mixture against the manufacturer mixture and analyzing the results.

5th Grade Candy Corn Structures

The students began with designing what they would imagine their structure would look like.  They were only given 100 toothpicks, and a cup of candy corn to create their structure.  They had 15 minutes to create the tallest standing structure out of candy corn and toothpicks.

6th Grade Mummys

As part of our studies of Ancient Egypt students were challenged to create a child sized mummy using only newspaper, toilet paper and packing tape. The students worked in small groups with much success.

3rd Grade Bridge Building

3rd Grade read a story called “Pop’s Bridge”.  In conjunction with the story, students worked in groups to build a bridge with cups, tape, and yarn. The bridges were then tested to see how many “people”  (unifix cubes) they could hold.

Kindergarten Apple Stacking

Kindergarten students read the book Ten Apples on Top. After reading the book students tried to stack apples like the characters in the story.

PreK Bridge Building

PreK read the book Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and how P.T. Barnum proved it was safe by having 21 elephants walk across it. Student groups were given different building materials and 12 plastic bears. Each group worked together to build a bridge that 12 bears could “walk” across.

Fire Prevention

Aston Township Fire Department came to visit our students in Preschool-2nd grade with their fire truck, ambulance, fire dog and fire equipment. Students learned about creating an emergency exit plan, stop drop and roll and the importance of sleeping with bedroom doors closed to prevent a fire from spreading.

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners pair 8th grade student mentors with Kindergarten students. Students share personal prayer intentions and/or struggles with each other. Partners meet in class and share how they have prayed for each other during a given week.

School Wide Living Rosary

October is the month of the Holy Rosary, a great opportunity to introduce young people to the devotion of praying the Rosary. The Living Rosary is made up of students, with each student representing a bead. Students lead the prayer associated with his or her position in the Rosary.

Crazy Hair Day to Support Hurricane Victims

Holy Family students participated in a “Crazy Hair Day” to raise money for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

5th Grade Hurricane Donations

5th grade students collected school supplies for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Bendwood Elementary School in Houston, Texas where students were affected by hurricane Harvey.

Middle States Accreditation                           MiddleStatesSmall

MSA Mission Statement
The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, building on the rich history of the Middle States Association, aspire to improve the quality of education in the United States and around the world by assisting schools to achieve excellence through accreditation and by affirming to the public a member school’s trustworthiness and commitment to continuous improvement. Holy Family Middle States Visiting Team Report 2015

Asbestos Inspection and Management Plan

Our school has developed and maintains an Asbestos Inspection and Management Plan as required by the Asbestos Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA).  A copy of the plan is available for your inspection at the business office during regular office hours.  Keating Environmental Management, Inc. is the school’s asbestos program manager.  All inquiries regarding the plan should be directed to them at 610-594-2600, ext. 203.